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Utopia Dining - Food Delivery and Catering Services in Brighton

Natural, delicious food that tastes like home

Delicious Greek Food: A Culinary Delight at Utopia Dining
Delicious Persian Food: A Culinary Delight at Utopia Dining

Utopia brings to your table a plethora of different tastes originating from Greek & Persian cuisine. Our menu is a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Our mission is to help our customers make healthier culinary choices. What makes our dishes truly Utopian is how we cook them, in the most healthy way possible without compromising on flavour. We are available on Deliveroo & Uber eats for orders. Our menu includes breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner options. Our menu includes a variety of vegetarian and vegan salads & main dishes. We offer catering services for weddings, corporate events and dinner parties. We uphold the highest standards to create bespoke dishes for your special guests. 

High quality Ingredients

We buy products from local markets & local butchers.

We offer a variety of salads, plant-based dishes as well as meat & fish based dishes. 

Our Chef & Staff

Our Chef has worked in world-class hotels such as Le Meridien & The Mediterranean, as well many highly recognised catering services in the UK & Cyprus and  Greece . She has 20+ years of experience in the culinary arts.

Order By Phone

Take a look at our menu & pick your favorite choices for your order.  Order directly by phone or email. You can also make an order using this form.

Doorstep Delivery

We can delivery your  order directly to your location. We also provide catering services for weddings, corporate events and dinner parties. Please let us know if you would need bartenders & waters to host your event and make the experience absolutely effortless.

What's Cooking

Healthy Greek & Persian Recipes 

Superfood Salad: A delectable vegetarian and gluten-free option

 Super Food Salad (VEG, GF)

With broccoli, crackedhead wheat, sweetcorn, cucumber, mint, physalis, nuts, cherry tomatoes and mustard , ginger and vinegar dressing


Barberrry & Saffron With Chicken (GF)

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh is a Persian classic made with Zereshk (barberries), Morgh (chicken), and Polo, which is the steamed and fluffy Persian rice. 


Greek Style Canellonia

 Cannelloni made with homemade pasta rolls filled with a meat sauce, topped with tomato sauce or Béchamel and baked to perfection!

We Delivery To Your Door


We are on the way

Freshly Prepared Food Delivery - Utopia Dining
Convenient Food Delivery Services - Utopia Dining


Utopia Dining - Food Delivery and Catering Services all over Brighton
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